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Residential Electrical Services

Residential Electrical Services

Autumn Electric is a company you can depend on when it comes to all your residential electrical services needs. Whether it is a new home or an existing home, Autumn Electric is the right choice! We are licensed and insured and we get the job done quickly and at the best possible price! We also sell and service home generators. Check out some of the most common problems with electrical circuits at your home. Please feel free to Contact Us for more information or fill out our Contact Form and we will get back with you very soon!

Common Residential Electrical Problems

* Electrical Surges:

There are many reasons you can have an electrical surge occur. One of the reasons is poor wiring. If your home is an older home, then it might be a good idea to have a professional company such as Autumn Electric take a look at your existing wiring. A Lightning strike or a maybe a faulty appliance in your home could cause an electrical surge. If you suspect any electrical issues with your home, give Autumn Electric a call today!

* Electrical Circuit Overload:

One common way an electrical circuit overload can happen is by using a higher watt bulb in lamps and things than the fixture is actually rated for. The additional heat from the bulb could melt the socket and insulation. This could result in an electrical fire. It is always better to use the appropriate wattage bulb for that fixture. If the lamp does not have a rating on it, then it is probably safe to use a standard 60 watt bulb or smaller.

* Switches Doesn't Work:

If you come across this situation, then it may be a loose wire going to the switch. It could be a dimmer switch that doesn't adjust the lighting the way it should. But no matter what type of switch it is or what the problem may be, stop and call Autumn Electric. We can trouble shoot the issue for you. Do not try to fix a live wire yourself! It could end in extreme injury or death.

* Flashing Lights:

This is another common issue with electrical fixtures. This issue could be caused by a frayed wire or wiring not properly attached to a fixed structure. Wind or other sources can have an effect on a electrical wire. Those sources could cause a loose connection. Do not try and fix this yourself. Electricity is nothing to play with, call Autumn Electric and let a professional repair it.

* Tripped Circuit Breaker:

Every Circuit Breaker has an "Amp" rating. When the current exceeds that amp rating, that breaker will trip, meaning it will open up and stop the flow of electricity. This is a very good indication that your home is protected and that the breakers are working as they should. If a breaker trips, it usually means that you have too many things plugged into that circuit. It can also mean a faulty wire that is touching something else it shouldn't. If you think it may be that you have too many thing plugged into a single circuit, then simply unplug some of the items and reset the breaker if you feel comfortable doing so. Otherwise, call Autumn Electric today!

* Aluminum Wiring:

Somewhere back in the earlier days, someone thought it would be less expensive and just as good to use aluminum wires instead of copper. This is no longer considered safe. When aluminum and copper come together which they could in a normal home environment, it causes corrosion. When the corrosion starts taking place, the connections loosen and it can lead to a serious electrical fire! If you have any aluminum wiring in your home, call Autumn Electric and let us help you correct this situation.

* Back-stabbed Connections:

When a contractor is putting in switches or other electrical components, sometimes they use the convenient holes to stab the wire ends into the device. Inside the hole is some sort of clamp which grabs the wire and holds it into place. If this clamp becomes weak over time or if it was done improperly in the first place, then that wire can become very loose and result in a possible fire. The best practice is to use the terminal screws provided on each end of the device. Once again, electricity is nothing to play with. If you suspect a problem with any of your electrical wiring, call Autumn Electric today!

Autumn Electric is here to help you with all your electrical needs. If you suspect or you are actually having issues with any of your electrical connections in your home, play it safe and allow a professional such as Autumn Electric to come check out your problem. Contact Us today!